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Andrew eiden dating

Shadow of the Lions by Christopher Swann, narrated by James Anderson Foster (High Bridge, a Division of Recorded Books) 9. Klein, narrated by Matthew Mercer (Audible Studios) 10.

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Hard to believe a sitcom that could be titled “My Five Sons” plays like a blast of fresh air, but that’s what smart execution will do for you.

I love the the different textures, the crunch, and the freshness. Julienne or shred the carrot, thinly slice the cucumber and cabbage. Toast the bread and let cool (so it doesn’t get soggy).

Hellbent by Gregg Hurwitz, narrated by Scott Brick (Brilliance Audio) 8.

Cleansing his palate after “The Passion of the Christ” (whose flogging scene ran longer than this pilot), producer Mel Gibson has directed an opening half-hour that hums along with sharp writing, buoyant energy and a generally amusing tone.

An edgier fit for what ABC’s “TGIF” lineup once embodied, “Complete Savages” doesn’t figure to be a huge hit given its timeslot, but should appeal to whomever ABC can lure to the party.

The irony of ironies, of course, is that as NBC has struggled to find worthy comedies in recent years, the network finally found one courtesy of ABC parent Disney in the form of “Scrubs,” a laudable show even if it’s not a stand-alone hit.