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This research project examines the cultural significance of forts and fortified towns as symbols for the status and legitimacy of Nayaka period kings and chiefs in Chitradurga District, Karnataka, between AD 1500-1800.

Whoever designed the works at Kanakuppa intended to emerge the victor from any assault on the town.

The fort at Uchchangipura occupies a low hill just west of the village of the same name in Jagalur Taluk.

Kanakuppa is a large fortified town in Jagalur taluk.

Many of the existing works appear to be the product of his French military engineers.

Although now abandoned and virtually unused except as a source of building stones, local residents report that the village was inside the fort until a few generations ago.

It was then moved south of the fort to a bare ridge that placed it closer to the tank and, later, was shifted to its present location just east of the fort.

The main fortifications cover the crests of three neighboring hills.