Start Black diaspora communities dating

Black diaspora communities dating

features accounts and descriptions of important but little known events in African American and Global African history recalled often by those who were witnesses or participants or viewpoints about historical developments shaping the contemporary black world.

Each of our 24 clusters describes a vivid and critical color on the palette from which history has drawn the brushstrokes that form the complexity that is your own genome.

Very similar groups of Black people in Asia reside in relative small numbers in the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean north of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, and in northern Malaysia and southern Thailand in Southeast Asia. In Malaysia they have been called Orang Asli (Original Man).

Pejoratively they are known as Semang, with the connotation of savage.

This series examines the African Diaspora on different regions and continents even before the slave trade.

Aside from humans evolving from the Motherland, there are groups on every continent whose ancestry is unequivocally from Africa.

It is very unfortunate that the contributions of these small Black people to monumental high-cultures characterized by urbanization, metallurgy, agricultural science and scripts remain essentially unexamined.

China The presence of diminutive Africoids (whom Chinese historians called “Black Dwarfs”) in early southern China during the period of the Three Kingdoms (ca. E.) is recorded in the book of the Official of the Liang Dynasty (502-556 C. In Taiwan there are recollections of a group of people now said to be extinct called “Little Black Man.” “They were described as short, dark-skinned people with short curly hair….

Then names begin to emerge, some historical developments start to make sense, and the role of a number of emphatic figures can be seen in true perspective”…. Goswamy, Tribune newspaper Source: BBC: In picture’s India’s African Communities Original inhabitants of India The Tamils are an important branch of the Dravidians. The Dravidians are among the earliest, perhaps the first, people to inhabit India.