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Besides, knowing how to cook is an attractive trait in both genders and will give both the chance to brush up their culinary skills.

Don’t risk it if the weather’s bad.] Whether natural or man-made, Malaysia has a variety of beautiful and scenic spots known to attract thousands of visitors on a yearly basis.

Coming up with fun and interesting date ideas that don’t fall into the typical dinner-and-a-movie routine can be difficult on a student budget.

It can be a challenge to think of something original and romantic to pique your partner’s interest without breaking the bank.

From its first office in Singapore, Lunch Actually has now expanded to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, Jakarta, and Hong Kong.

To date, Lunch Actually has arranged more than 90,000 dates that have led to thousands of happy marriages and relationships across Asia.

Prices for beverages start from RM22 a glass, and can go up to RM3, 000 (only if you order the Louis 16th Remy Martin cognac). Keep in mind that there is a cover charge of RM50 – inclusive of one free drink – after 9.30pm.

uala Lumpur-born Violet Lim founded dating company Lunch Actually in 2004.

This was puzzling to me, as I thought they were highly eligible individuals.” After some more observation, it dawned on Violet that her colleagues spent so much time working that they barely had time to think about love, let alone look for it.