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Officials learned of a pending sale only after a potential buyer approached them.

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There was no heat in the complex on Monday as subfreezing temperatures chilled the region. Sears, which owns its portion of the property, remains open.

“There were thousands of people there.” The mall — and its million square feet of retail space — now sits moribund, abandoned by retailers and customers. Rebranded in 2015 as the Marketplace of Burlington, it had a planned renovation calling for 100 storefronts with restaurants and entertainment. Sears is the last of its three department store anchors. With no power and no fire suppression system, the township fire department ordered the mall to lock its doors.

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But the prognosis for the rest of center, recently dubbed New Jersey’s saddest mall, is grim. Carlin said officials have heard nothing from the mall’s owners, Moonbeam Capital Investments LLC of Las Vegas.

“They haven’t let us know if they intend to reopen and make repairs,” Carlin said. For months, Corters and Carlin have heard rumors that Moonbeam was planning to sell in March.

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