Start Dating men who wont commit

Dating men who wont commit

If you ask the right questions and date with intention, the question of commitment won’t be such a mystery.

He told me he likes routine a lot and does not make hasty decisions.

I one time asked him why he holds back so much and he replied that he wants to make sure of what he wants…because he ‘s been hurt before. Your program “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever” started me thinking on do I want to commit to this guy, if he’s like this in our relationship now how will this be if he ever asks me to get married? am I wasting my time with this guy or is he just really slow?

Being flaky or refusing to commit with no explanation is not excusable.

But if you and your guy talk about commitment and he seems hesitant, he may bring up some valid points.

He told me that he noticed me 4 years back (we work at the same firm), and that when I started here he always looked out for me (not in a stalking way).

He told me that he just had to take charge to say hi and officially meet me, and we have been together since then.

Thanks, Marie Hi, Marie — You’re dating a quiet, slower man, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages, and depending on what YOU want out of a romantic relationship I think they can make pretty awesome long-term partners. The big advantages: A quiet, slow, introverted man is usually very stable, not just emotionally, but also (very frequently) financially.