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However her lawyers have advised that for assault and theft charges, the sentence is likely to be several months - or even years - behind bars. I just couldn't bear it, I really hope it doesn't get that far.

Dating apps run by 21 firms in China have been closed down amid allegations of fraud involving hundreds of thousands of customers, according to a newspaper report.

Some of the apps claimed customers could chat with “sexy girls” online, but clients found themself messaging and receiving answers from artificial intelligence computer programs instead, the reported.

There is no suggestion that any of the women in this picture was involved in the incident in Dubai Dubai law dictates that whoever makes the first complaint is the party most likely to be believed, so it may be irrelevant that the Swedish man threw the punches.

Taking pictures of someone without their consent and being rude to another person are both classed as Illegal in Dubai and are punishable by jail time.

She was charged with assault and theft following the incident in May last year, despite claiming not to have been in the hotel lobby when the row broke out.

Her friends fled the scene and returned home to the UK, leaving behind Asa, who has lived in Dubai for three years.

Asa, who works as a key account manager for global transportation company Time & Motion, has been released on bail ahead of a trial next year.

If she is found guilty, the penalty will depends on the judge as UAE penalties are 'discretionary' rather than based on precedent.

The revolutionary beach will sit next to the new Palazzo Versace hotel and will include a system of heat-absorbing pipes built under the sand and giant wind blowers, designed to keep tourists cool in the searing 40-50C heat.

The hotel, which is due to open late next year or early 2010, will be controlled by thermostats linked up to computers and feature a cooled swimming pool.

The men managed to get their passports back by paying cash deposits, before flying home to the UK.