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But the youngsters would only be added to the inner circle after one of the members vouched for them.

Sources said, "Abu had added three people with his reference. Any member who acted suspiciously or was inactive would immediately be removed.

Since the formation of group, they added and removed many people.

Abu later formed different groups on chat apps, for which he was using multiple handsets." Cops said that at first, the group would post videos and messages on Facebook, describing how Muslims have it bad in India and how true Muslims must avenge these atrocities through Jihad.

It was on his fifth trip on Sunday that the police ambushed him at Mumbai airport.

Milking cash cows Even from all the way from Saudi, Abu would manage to bring in the two most important things the IS module needed — new recruits and more money.

DSP Anup Kumar from the UP ATS said, "Abu was acting as a radicalising agent, spreading literature that he would download from You Tube channels run by IS.

At present, only 14 to 15 are there." Fund-raising failed In the group, the members were required to post daily progress reports.