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Fun activities dating couples

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The $35 cocktail is more than enough for two, perfect for double dates.

Together you’ve endured night after night of Netflix.

Tickets to the museum, plus admission to Dark Universe, are $28.

Catch some arcade action at one of Barcade’s NYC locations, break out an old-fashioned board game at Solid State in Queens, throw down on the shuffleboard courts at Royal Palms in Brooklyn or pick from a plethora of activities at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan.

Admission at the East Village’s Russian & Turkish Baths (where you can get steamy in the sauna, get a massage, or even get beaten with fresh oak leaves) is $45 per person and has co-ed time slots daily. Single classes start at $25, but new students can purchase a weeklong trial for $50.

The Museum of Sex -- or Mo Sex, as it's affectionately called -- is a strange mix of erotic and clinical.

The false spring is your chance to sneak in as many warmish weather activities as you can before the next inevitable cold snap. The ferry ride over is free and offers beautiful views of the NYC skyline -- the perfect backdrop for your romantic Instagram posts.

Even temps in the 40s can feel balmy after weeks in the deep freeze. Once you’re off the boat, further stretch your chilly weather tolerance with a 10-minute walk to nearby Flagship Brewery, where you’ll be rewarded with pints and Now that the ice is melting and the wind has quieted, you can worry less about flying off that rooftop bar.

It’s about time you broke your cabin fever -- just don’t do too much too fast.

Ease your way back into date night with dinner and a movie all in one place.

Nitehawk Cinema happily marries new releases (with the occasional throwback) and aptly named entrees and cocktails -- the dinner menu’s character.