Start Harris tweed label dating

Harris tweed label dating

Lorna Macaulay, chief executive of the Harris Tweed Authority, the body which oversees the industry, said it once offered far from attractive career prospects.

“That is no longer the case – it is the most talented, brightest young people desperately wanting to work in the Harris Tweed Industry.

It is now seen as a very attractive career option on the island.

THE image of Harris Tweed has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years – and now the industry is being viewed as an attractive career prospect for young people in the Outer Hebrides for the first time in decades.

Over the past decade the hand-woven fabric has gone from being associated solely with fusty brown jackets to a fashionable must-have, available in a variety of colours and used for everything from bags and keyrings to wedding bouquets and hoody tops.

In 1911 Camille Poirier sold off his company to the Duluth Tent & Awning Co., after which time the bags were called Duluth Packs.

The Duluth pack was designed in order to carry maximum capacity.

Read the rest of this entry » This beautiful piece of camping/hiking/outdoorsman history was first patented in 1882 by C. In context, the Duluth “Poirier Pack Sack” can be seen as the Great-Great-Granddaddy of modern day backpacks…

Camille Poirier a French Canadian, first moved to Duluth Minnesota in 1870.

She told the Sunday Herald there had been little awareness of Harris Tweed when she was growing up and it wasn’t until she studied textiles at university in Dundee she began to realise the potential of the fabric.

Macleod, 37, from the Isle of Lewis, who runs Tiger Textiles, said: “When I was in school, there was nothing – we didn’t learn about it, there was nothing like the shops we have in town now selling tweed and we didn’t own anything tweed.

In order to carry the Harris Tweed label, the fabric has to meet strict criteria set out in the Harris Tweed Act of 1993.