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Heaven Hill was founded shortly after the repeal of Prohibition in 1935 by several investors, including a prominent distiller, Joseph L. As the company developed, the five brothers of the Shapira family bought out the other investors.

Joe Beam remained as Master Distiller, along with his youngest son, Harry.

Nearly the entire Jim Beam ownership family, including James B.

Beam and the most recently deceased owner, Booker Noe II, are buried in Bardstown City Cemetery, Bardstown, KY, just minutes from the offices and distillery.

Products Bourbon: Address: 526 Happy Hollow Road, Clermont, Kentucky 40110, US Tel: 1 502.543.9877 Website: In the late 18th century, Boehm family, who eventually changed the spelling of their surname to Beam, migrated from Germany and settled in Kentucky.

Johannes “Reginald” Beam (1770–1834) was a farmer that began producing whiskey in the style now referred to as bourbon.

David Beam (1802–1854) took on his father’s responsibilities in 1820 at the age of 18, expanding distribution of the family’s bourbon during a time of industrial revolution. Beam (1833–1913) in 1854 moved the distillery to Nelson County to capitalize on the growing network of railroad lines connecting states. From this point forward, the bourbon would be called “Jim Beam Bourbon” after James Beauregard Beam. Jeremiah Beam (1899–1977) started working at the Clear Springs distillery in 1913, later becoming Master Distiller and overseeing operations at the new Clermont facility.