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Or, as the Brits did, use the drums only to direct the heavy ropes toward a forged iron roller in the middle, under the rack.

I feel that she was the victim of a gigantic hoax if she was advised to do that.

That's a company that has made some of the best wartime rape movies I've ever seen, but even based on the caps, I knew this one wouldn't be for me. True, you don't have to have to use ropes to rape a girl, but it sure helps.

And of course, no torture this time, either, so that's another strike against it. The direct link for your latest is here: Bill K: Apparently has been out a few years.

Man's Power Feb 1963 V1#1-pdc ------------------- If Jac and Amy are considering a Jungle Girl movie, I'd suggest they check out the Nyoka serials. [ Thank you for the welcome As for your question Ralphus, Overdid it??