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Jojo probably regrets dating freddy adu

I’m only 26 and I can change and correct the things I’ve done wrong, and that’s what I’m focused on right now.” Adu is preparing for his 13th professional year and second season with North American Soccer League club Tampa Bay Rowdies.

“With me not performing to the level expected of someone making designated player money in Philly, coupled with the fact I had the young guys looking up to me on that team, in (Hackworth’s) eyes maybe I wasn’t setting a good enough example for those young guys on the team,” Adu said. I can’t even be mad at Hackworth for pushing me out of Philly.

At the end of the day, you have to take some responsibility for yourself.

Adu’s second crack at Europe was a brutal run of disappointment as he ventured to a pair of obscure leagues in Serbia and Finland in puzzling moves that seemed to defy explanation. I thought going to these obscure European cities and towns, and playing there and maybe doing well, was going to give me an opportunity in bigger leagues, but the whole experience and my idea of making it in Europe wasn’t that.

He established himself as a starter and effective playmaker, even if by his own admission he still wasn’t at his best. They’ve given me every opportunity to be successful here," he said.

That’s addictive, and in my mind I just felt like European coaches didn’t respect MLS.

In my mind, maybe going to Europe and proving I could survive — even in a smaller league — was worth more than being in MLS, and I was just flat-out wrong." Adu says he still hasn't been paid by Jagodina in Serbia and Bahia still owes him money. When you go to places and teams aren’t paying players on time, these things sort of kill your spirit and that’s what I had to go through," he said.

“When I was playing in Turkey, in a little village where there wasn’t much else to do, you were dedicated.