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Julius peppers dating

The fabulous Fireball, destined to lose his life in 1964 due to injuries suffered in a World 600 crash at Charlotte Motor Speedway, led a 1-2-3 Ford sweep.

“Most of those people on that plane were from Arizona,“ she said.

“The pain will endure in The Valley of The Sun for a long time.“ It endures elsewhere, too.

It’s the selection I made to a pal who brought up the idea Thursday as we and others sat before a cozy fireplace on a raw, rainy afternoon at Mallard Head Golf Club in Mooresville, N. The discussion had turned quickly to famous NASCAR fights in the wake of the blowup among Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer and their crews last Sunday at Phoenix. As far as I know, there is little or no video of the confrontation showing what happened for us to see all over again.

In contrast, since about the mid-1970s, cameras catching all the action have been rolling at NASCAR events.

On July 21 of ’56 Roberts took a 200-lap triumph at the track, followed by Jim Paschal and Ralph Moody in a Grand National Division event.

That circuit was the forerunner of today’s Sprint Cup Series.

Later in ’56 Turner won a grueling 500-lap convertible race at Soldier Field, topping his buddy Joe Weatherly, the runnerup, and three-time “ragtop” circuit champion Bob Welborn.

Wood, destined to gain his greatest fame as a team owner, won NASCAR’s finale at Soldier Field in June of 1957. According to the splendid NASCAR historian, Greg Fielden, Roberts “beat back a stellar field and dodged water puddles left by an intermittent rain” to take the only Grand National show at Soldier Field.

I`d seen several drivers, some close acquaintances, die violently on tracks. Everything that happened in the tragic twilight of that Sunday haunted me nightly for months. But I also remember to this day the poignant incidents that demonstrated the better aspects of human nature.

There was the fierce-looking, giant of a motel proprietor softly calming a sobbing, distraught young woman.

The Petty versus Lund tale was related to me by the late hall of fame driver Tim Flock, who was a witness to it that day so long ago. Lee’s teenage sons, Richard and Maurice, then members of their father’s crew, rushed to his rescue. ” The race went on that afternoon in ’57 after things calmed down. What do Fireball Roberts, Curtis Turner, Glen Wood and Tom Pistone have in common with George Halas, Dick Butkus, Walter Payton, Gale Sayers, William “The Refrigerator” Perry and Julius Peppers?