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Ramsay believes the family is being discriminated against in two ways — the sex of the baby and makeup of the family.

She says she's seen situations like this arise when landlords adopt CMHC guidelines that are outdated and open to misunderstanding or abuse, pointing to the one that suggests children of opposite sexes can't share a bedroom if they are over the age of five.

"No matter how I thought about it, I couldn't really wrap my brain around it," Hurtig says. Getting the unit would have meant their rent would drop from $1,840 to $895 a month. We get the room if our children are the same sex and we don't get the room if our children are not the same sex.

It's very, very clear-cut discrimination," Gottfried said.

When Kristjan Gottfried and his wife Michelle Hurtig got the news they were first in line for an apartment in a co-op housing complex in one of the most desirable and expensive cities in the country, they felt like they'd won the lottery.

They never imagined standing in the way of claiming that jackpot was the sex of their unborn baby. The co-op board rep told the couple if the baby was a girl, the available unit could go to another applicant because boys and girls cannot share a bedroom under the co-op's rules.

Gottfried and Hurtig believe it should be up to parents to decide when and if children share a room.

"I would describe it as being completely outrageous and appalling and just unbelievable," Gottfried tells Go Public.

Rosa Marchitelli is a national award winner for her investigative work.

As co-host of the CBC news segment Go Public, she has a reputation for asking tough questions and holding companies and individuals to account. A Vancouver family believes they were denied a unit in a co-op housing complex because their baby is a girl and not a boy.

A CMHC spokesperson told Go Public the guideline is intended to address overcrowding.