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But it’s worth noting — and if you’re a nationalist you’ll have noted this a bragillion times over — that one group is condemned for pointing out the negative racial realities of diversity, which is wholly confirmed by the deviant behaviour of that group.

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They are incapable of living in harmony with their own kind, let alone throwing them into a civilised atmosphere, where the embarrassingly thin blue line of the law doesn’t worry them in the least.

Instead, it’s easier to make the bad apple analogy whereby it’s just one bad apple that spoils the barrel.

Sure, we have problems with drunken Aussie youth playing up, and that’s bad enough, but where is the sense in bringing the full Dulux colour chart of reprobate conduct into play just because a Marxist somewhere told us we have to?

There is a good reason that these Africans come as refugees to this great mug of a land.

Of course, there’s our 30th, 40th, and definitely our 50th, but some people also don’t like to celebrate these, for obvious reasons 😉 How old would you like to live to? Jason and I agreed on living until 60 – that seems to be the age where the health problems really seem to start.