Start Long dating honeymoon period

Long dating honeymoon period

But at this point, you have to reassess how you feel about the person.

When you’re arguing after the honeymoon phase has ended, it can be easy to forget about why you were happy with them in the first place.

These questions can help you determine how long your honeymoon phase will last.

#1 How long were you talking before you became committed?

This may not seem like a huge deal, but it does play a role in how long your honeymoon phase will last.

Truth be told, if you two have been seeing each other for a long time before making your relationship official, the phase might be shorter because you’ve already been in it – despite not being committed yet.

Are they things you just are getting used to about the person or are they really important and can change your opinion of them? Don’t forget that the honeymoon phase is not supposed to last the entire relationship.

It’s completely normal for it to end and for you to be faced with a different kind of relationship that’s more comfortable and caring. The honeymoon phase ending does not mean your partner is caring less for you. Just remember that every couple settles into a comfortable norm instead of being excited and giddy all the time.

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