Start Magazine fashion and dating yabb

Magazine fashion and dating yabb

When I saw an Acer Cloudbook 11 laptop on sale at Fry's, I decided it would be the right hardware for my server.

And it natively supports the DACPort in WASAPI Exclusive and ASIO.

But with all the video, television, and numerous other features I wouldn't be using, I was afraid it would be too much for the underpowered laptop.

and the server solution for remotely usage with my i Pad.

As I don't use it for video files (no advantages to other solutions I have), so I could be happy with the Ponoplayer, but I thought it fair to pay for it.

I copied the media files from my desktop computer onto the external drive, installed Winamp, plugged in the DACPort, and everything worked.

Then I discovered that I should be using WASAPI Exclusive mode or ASIO for best audio quality.

I went to FLAC files which is nativly not supported by Apple, so I had to look for a third party programme.