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Mamba rumamaipapadating

Via Latin aspis, it is the source of the English word "asp".

*Patent pending The Razer Mamba gives you completely unrestricted movement without compromising on control or accuracy.

Wired or wireless, the Razer Mamba delivers a response rate of 1 ms* for industry-leading performance at virtually zero latency.

With a passion for wildlife and rhino conservation, tare the voice in the community through their conservation work.

The objectives of the Black Mamba project are not only the protection of rhinos through boots on the ground but also through being a role model in their communities.

Its venom is primarily composed of potent neurotoxins that may cause a fast onset of symptoms.

Despite its reputation as formidable and highly aggressive, it usually attempts to flee from humans unless threatened or cornered.

You can also use the Razer Mamba wireless mouse while it’s charging, so you never have to deal with downtime even during the longest gaming marathons.