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While true, at the time the clean-up would have been necessary no one could have (should have) known that the school would be demolished.

I chose it specifically due to it’s occurrence in recent history and due to the fact that the shootings, like SHE, occurred . Vance to ask about the crime scene cleanup will answer the question.

The blood is even able to be seen from aerial helicopter footage. This account comes to us courtesy of Sofia Smallstorm’s video Unraveling Sandy Hook.

Before I get to the how and who of the clean-up I think it might be worthwhile to compare Sandy Hook to another fairly recent event, the Aurora theater shooting.

Should you be wondering the banner accompanying this article has a photo of the scene outside the Aurora, Colorado movie theater where it is alleged James Holmes entered and started shooting.

Comparisons with photos from Sandy Hook show nothing even remotely similar which, in my opinion, is rather astonishing given that there were more victims and more people exiting the building. I don’t have a computer of sufficient power to quickly edit the pertinent section out of the video so you’ll just have to scroll to it yourself. or if you haven’t seen this video I would recommend viewing it in it’s entirety.

This is a crime scene image released by the Ct State Police. Update – I found the clip contained within Sofia’s doc should you wish to listen to only it.

Rachel Basch Submission to the Connecticut General Assembly My name is Rachel Basch. For 9 years, when my children were very young, we lived in a house directly behind the Sandy Hook School.