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Online dating stupid

Now, "Ok, Stupid" is an ongoing series of drawn self-portraits inspired by self-representation of women in the digital age and online dating as a young, working-class feminist survivor navigating a surveillance/exhibition culture.

There's a parallel between the challenge of having to reciprocally disclose and perform on a first date with a semi-random human from the internet and the drawings that I make afterward, quietly, reflective, in solitude.

I don't go on that many Ok Cupid dates (or that many dates in general) anymore, and I didn't find loooooove on the Internet.

For many years now, I have encouraged the young people I collaborate with to explore and express their perceptions of their own lived experiences through art and writing.

(Oooh, but get a few drinks in me with my crew and I got stories for daaaaays.) Whenever I'm working on or have finished a drawing I particularly enjoyed making, I post it on social media as a means to instigate dialogue.

As a woman and a survivor of sexual assaults, there was the fear of "stranger danger" and navigating unexpected triggers when confronted with unsettling gender dynamics or other vulnerable moments.

Shortly after deciding to start the project, I went on a particularly disappointing date after a long day of working with brilliant young people.

Long before our current era of social media and smartphones, whether we accessed bulky computers from home, our friends' houses, or the library, the narratives of many of our lives held plot arcs marked by instant messages and emails.