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** Some countries do not allow import and export of Dangerous Goods.

must be banded to the pallet with either metal strapping or unbreakable plastic straps applied around the box or skid freight on all sides.

- Hardened containers (plywood, metal) that are not banded must have an exterior lock or clamp (glue, nails and screws are not sufficient).

We clear your shipment through customs as a single entry, and then deliver to individual recipients in the destination country.

Export Day-definite delivery typically in 2-4 business days*, two business days* for Asia, three business days* for the U. typically in 5 business days*, and from key European markets typically in 4 business days*.

Fed Ex International Economy Freight service provides you an economical, day-definite, customs-cleared, door-to-door service for shipments greater than 68kg or 150lbs destined to major markets in Asia, U. Transit times are typically 3-6 business days* and advance booking is required. Skids exceeding 997kg or 2,200 lbs require prior approval. Freight must be palletized, stackable, forkliftable, and shrinkwrapped and/or banded to a skid.

Skids exceeding 70" or 178cm in height or 119" or 302cm in length require prior approval. - To lessen the possibility of damage or delay, follow these packaging guidelines when preparing your express freight shipment: - Individual pieces over 68kg or 150 lbs.

Maximum weight per package for IP service is 68kg or 150lbs.