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You’ll even find great deals on clothes for the family, personal care items and even pet products.

For some dogs, their masters' vacations mean a getaway for them, too.

Your little Princess' stay at a local high-end kennel could be less like a week at the vet and more like the schedule at an upscale resort.

In fact, these treatments are so popular, the facility offers private classes to teach owners the techniques to try at home ($95). The luxury feline condos ($28 per day) offer two rooms — a "bedroom" and "bathroom" — and penthouse feline condos ($56 per day) are large enough for two cats to stay together.

There's also a service that's not listed on the menu."Cats are very social animals," Chaney says.

Stay's pet "villas" ($95 per day) have chandelier appliques and framed photos of Old Hollywood celebrities with their dogs on the walls.

Each room has a 32-inch TV, toddler-sized bed and individual doggy doors to access an outdoor turf.

"I've asked everybody to sing to them."Meanwhile, on the other end of the county, Stay Pet Resort, a 17,000-square-foot facility in Harmans, opened last year to treat canines like movie stars."I was used to places like this in Los Angeles, so when I came back (to Maryland), that was my motivation," owner Jodi Miller says.