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Prodating null

When the widget is initialised with a source value the string is parsed and its values are interpreted using the time zone offset set by this option instead of being interpreted in local time.

The path to the supporting files is preconfigured in the plugin.

Each time you update a plugin the File Prefix is overwritten with the value the plugin was exported with, therefore we recommend that you only change the preconfigured File Prefix if absolutely necessary.

Instead of targeting an ever increasing plethora of specific browsers we simply craft thoroughly designed, meticulously developed products using the latest standards, best practices and progressive enhancements.

The supporting files must be hosted on a web server. Distributing the plugin script from a public web server, even accidentally, will be considered an infringement of copyright.

If you do, you will need to reinstate your File Prefix after every plugin update.

The preconfigured File Prefix we have chosen includes a substitution string that must be set to create a valid path.

If it is necessary for you to review a paper file, we ask that you make an appointment.