Start Professor and student dating

Professor and student dating

Put simply, professors can no longer date their students.

"When I started teaching in 1968, I would walk across campus with a female student with no one else around, maybe have a cup of coffee," he says. There's been a huge change in terms of the degree of impersonality."But for those favoring the bans, the biggest issue is the power dynamic.

We don't want to meddle in intimate affairs, the argument tends to go, and we even recognize that there are gray areas - grad students and teaching assistants, for instance.

It was a rule, he adds, that created more of a stir than any other issue he dealt with on the council.

But the power-dynamics defense angers some professors.

Barry Dank, a sociology professor at California State University at Long Beach, wouldn't have been allowed to date his wife under such a policy. They started dating after the class ended, but she later enrolled in another of his courses.

"She asked if it would be a problem for me, and I said 'no,' " he recalls.

For one thing, notes Jane Gallop, an English professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, professors don't really have all the power.