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Our South Africa trip wasn’t different from the norm. I was skipping indulgence and going straight into overindulgence. I’ve read countless stories about the addictive nature of sugar.

No one was wondering what Moffitt thought about the Newton saga.

(I promise not to try heroin.) So on the flight back to the U. from South Africa, I decided something: I was going to give up sugar for a month. I also resolved to give up artificial sweeteners and natural ones, too. Day 2: Discover that all my breakfast foods are filled with sugar. I find myself eating a massive amount of carbohydrates to make up for the lack of sweets.

My friend Marshall had done it with his entire family (including his children). So no honey, maple syrup, aspartame, corn syrup, stevia, or anything else. Even my supposedly healthy wheat bread has sugar in it.

I know plenty of women — one in the office next to mine — that knows more about the sport than this guy ever will.