Start Sex chat with a bot lady live in kenya

Sex chat with a bot lady live in kenya

They need to find a way to make her learn faster and answer unconventional question otherwise they will have a lot of unanswered queries which puts them below user expectations.

Her features include anonymous forums and digital chat bots built in on the app, Facebook, Telegram, Messenger and Twitter.” Likened to the Artificial Intelligence Apple program Siri, Sophie Bot sources its answers from 10,000 base questions.

Striving to be better with every user who signs up to the program, the Sophie Bot team continues to make changes to ensure it serves users better.

No matter how futurist a solution is, it comes along with its share of skepticism, like how do you sell a bot that answers sexuality questions to people in the slums or upcountry?

This has been one of the biggest problem that hit the team as people don’t fully comprehend the bot technology, and for those who do, some are abusing the platform by asking irrelevant question. This could be a game changer if it works as envisioned, however they need to put a lot of work into it for them to fulfill this promise.

Originally published on Capital Campus A group of six students from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology created Sophie Bot, an application revolutionizing access to sexual health information in Kenya.

According to a post on the JKUAT website, “Sophie is an intelligent system that is fed with verified information on sexuality and sexual reproductive health and relays the information to its users through conversations that are driven by text or voice chats.

Although the team has faced several challenges including funding the idea, they got their big break in 2016 when they exhibited their idea at the Nailab.

According to Business Daily, The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in collaboration with Nailab, hosted the event.

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A group of Jkuat students have developed a solution that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to answer all your sexual reproductive health questions.