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(LY) Around 75 people attended this service for close friends and family, including Joan's four kids and brother Hal's daughter Joan Crawford Lowe Fuller.

Friend of Joan and author of the comic strip "Terry and the Pirates," which ran from 1934 to 1946.

Said Joan in CWJC: "If I could really give credit to the people who helped me the most, I guess he'd top the list, even after all these years....".

(In the Essential Biography, author Quirk says that Joan told him that she and Cassin had had sex when she was 11 and that this is what prompted the family upheaval at that time.) In Kansas City, Cassin enrolled Billie in the While various Joan bios speculate that Cassin seems to have disappeared completely after this time and possibly died in 1919, in fact his actual whereabouts and death and burial are a matter of public record.

They were not only vulnerable, they were willing to do damned near anything to "make it" in Hollywood and not go back to St.