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The Ekven burial of a female shaman was found at Chukotka on the Russian side of the Bering Strait. Recurrent artefacts and examples of female shamanic practice are amulets, medicine bags, mirrors, and head-dresses shown by excavated regalia, as well as drums. In view of the fact that shamanic mobiliary art may not have been durable – wands, sky-poles, drums, and other equipment such as masks – it is nonetheless possible that portable engravings of birds may have had a ritual and shamanic role. Indeed, in terms of prehistory shamanism is “…generally regarded as having been endemic to hunter-gatherer societies, because of the importance of its role in hunting.” (Aldhouse-Green, 2005). 2.0 Origin and Meaning The term shaman is Tungus in origin from (Sandars, 1968), with shamanism the basis of Finno-Ugric religion (Guirand, 1982). Melanippe was also a sister of Hippolyta who was captured by Heracles who then demanded Hippolyta’s magic girdle in return for her freedom, whereupon she complied. Arturo Michelena The Amazons were said to have come into contact with the Argonauts of Jason who landed at Lemnos on their ay to Cholchis.

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Female Shaman Female shamans are dominant in some cultures where they ate to the forefront of the cult practice. Palaeolithic batons or ‘wands’ may be shamans drumsticks, and certainly more than items of everyday use (Lissner, 1961), and female statuettes are the earliest known figurative representations in the world and may have a shamanic ritual role as auxiliary dolls. As a vigorous cross-cultural phenomenon (Van Pool, 2009) the origins of shamanism are “…hidden deep in the mists of our primordial past.” (Pearson, 2002), whose roots stretch back as far as the Palaeolithic, and which is supported by archaeological evidence. Asteria was another and the sixth killed by Heracles.

Whether in ancient China or Japan, or Korea, South Africa, Okinawa, the Philippines, from northern California to southern Chile, female shamanism is a widespread tradition “…from Buryat Mongolia to the Buriti religion in Gabon, that the first shaman was a woman.” (Dashu, 2006). The female statuettes of Siberian tribes, who often had female shamans or ‘shamankas’, may have had a ritual role. Shamanism therefore consists of a range of beliefs and practices regarding communication with the spiritual world (Hoppal, 1987). Another, Helene, the daughter of Tityrus, fought Achilles and died of wounds inflicted.

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Mongolian shamanka Female Shamans and Medicine Women In some societies that practice shamanism there is a preference for the practitioners to be female. At Santander there are wall engravings of men in bird masks who seem to be dancing, and the bird-men of Altamira are also shamans, as are the masked figures at Les Combarelles (Lissner, 1961). Among the Japanese may be found the temple of Sri Lanka (Leach, 1972). Antibrote was another at Troy, as was Cleite, whose ship was blown off course and she landed in Italy to found Clete.