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Sikhism and dating

Every stake, ward/branch (local units) has a directory. Keep in mind that you will need an LDS Account enabled with your Membership Record Number (MRN) in order to access the directory or alter your information.

Search for people via groupings like branch, ward, stake or organization.

Or, use the general search box labeled “Filter Results” and search stake wide or just a unit.

You can print off the directory or sync it with other tools.

Any organization you are assigned to, or have a calling in, will also list your individual information.

For example, you can choose to email the Bishopric, Young Women or the Primary Leaders etc. You should see an email icon with “Email the [name of organization].” Click on it and it automatically adds all the emails you need to an email form.

Keeping the directory up to date with current phone numbers and addresses is the local unit’s responsibility and each member’s responsibility.

If you serve as a Home Teacher or Visiting Teacher then you can give leaders updated information that they can then input.