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Using UAVs for mentoring fire and wood plantations in the vicinity of settlements. we have designed SAP (Smart Agriculture Payload, an airborne intelligent agricultural system mounted on hybrid Airframe (Airplane / Tri copter), with hovering capability to planting seeds, plant health monitoring and collecting plant samples for further analysis in agricultural labs. In addition to that, the (SAP) system contains the latest agricultural scientific sensors and automated computer terminals controlled remotely by research centers -or farmers- on the ground with capability of execute Pre-programmed agricultural tasks (automated cultivation) and missions with the help of (SAP) embedded agricultural computer system supported by cloud computing and remote access.

It’s also provides multi-role systems attached with different types of agricultural applications such as planted seeds and pests Resistance and samples collecting for soil examination where it's possible to unpack and install the appropriate system according to the agricultural mission and concepts.

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It is a result of pressure from both climatic and human factors.

Desertification in the Sudan has been accelerating at a faster rate over the last two decades, leading to loss of arable land.

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