Start Tortoise svn error validating server certificate

Tortoise svn error validating server certificate

No close tag for ["lists", "list"] Line: Position: Last 80 unconsumed characters: Output was: Rendering template within layouts/base Rendering repositories/show Completed in 0.28837 (3 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.03092 (10%) | DB: 0.00000 (0%) | 200 OK [https://myredmine/repositories/show/portail-ipl] When I run the same exact svn command from the command line as the mongrel user I have no error and the output is complete.

When running on the command line with mongrel user, everything is fine, but when running from redmine, the SVN responses are truncated and so unusable.

The problem does not seem to be related with the SSL certificate as redmine receives some data but it's truncated.

I've read the FAQ and Issue #1235, however I still can't find a solution. I am fairly new at running a Linux server, so any help would be appreciated.

Yes, when I login as my own user, I can do a SVN co and accept the certificate permenently. BTW - I am running the Redmin 1586 on Ubuntu Hardy. Error validating server certificate for '': - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority.

All the time I have the situation as on the attached screenshot.

If this matches what you see on your screen, then you are really connected to us and you can press p to accept the certificate permanently.

I've attached a patch file which can be applied to the SVN adapter as follows: I have weird problem with version 1.2.1.