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Updating p1i

Not to mention that each time a Sony phone / tablet model is released, the Update Service immediately becomes available for that particular device.

The long-awaited P990i was released in some overseas regions, but it was scrapped completely in Australia.

Finally, the P1i has arrived, a 3G capable smart phone featuring a 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, an updated UIQ 3.1 Symbian operating system, and a 20 button QWERTY keyboard and touch screen.

If you can get your head around each of them you're left with an excellent device on the whole.

The Sony Ericsson P1i is a nice upgrade to its predecessor and offers an alternative to today's Windows Mobile and Palm smartphones, but we're ultimately disappointed by the kludgey interface and lack of 3G.

It has a really nice compact form factor, it's candy bar shaped and on front here you've got a nice screen and a touch screen so that's great; you can input everything through the touch screen, or you can use this keyboard which is pretty interesting.

It's kind of like a short type keyboard but easier to use I think.

On the back you've got a 3.2 megapixel camera; the device also does e-mail and all the messaging features that you do need.