Start Updating t mobile samsung galaxy s2

Updating t mobile samsung galaxy s2

While both are essentially the same phone, there are some subtle differences in both the internals and outside appearances.

Far more important to me though is the lack of Google Talk video support on T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II.

The carrier opted to pull support in lieu of Qik’s video chat service, which is pre-installed.

Besides, both run faster than most Android phones on the market today.

The wireless connectivity is a big variable, however.

I have a review unit from both carriers, and while both are generally outstanding Google Android (s goog) handsets, customers deciding between the two should understand the key differences.

I’ve only just received the T-Mobile version over the weekend, while I’ve had the AT&T model for two weeks.

So far, these are the differences I’ve spotted, outside of the actual dimensions of the handsets; you can see the size differences in the below image gallery.

What do these hardware and software differences mean in terms of real world use?

But due to subtle differences, local coverage areas and your own personal preferences, one Galaxy S II might be better for you over the other.

Bear in mind that there’s also a slight difference in the pricing: AT&T’s version is $199 with contract, while T-Mobile is initially selling its Galaxy S II for $30 more.

Samsung has made advances to its Jelly Bean firmware.