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Who is fabolous dating

Emily and Bailon were recently spotted co-hosting an OR-G Liquor launch event in NYC, which shows that there is peace among the women for good reason–Bailon isn’t checking for Em’s sloppy seconds. I think that when you see Fab and you see Adrienne, they’re both celebrities so you automatically assume that they’re together, but he’s actually friends with her boyfriend. We were always together and that’s how that misconception started, but she is not dating Fab.

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And between the barely R-rated sex, TV movie danger, and zero-subtext dialogue, these movies aren't for anyone.

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As you know, Logan Paul has been the center of controversy ever since that suicide video in Japan — and ever since his return to vlogging, he's continued to be a P. Callie Schneker took to Facebook to share the 15-second video of the cute pup peacefully riding her pony. We can only speculate what the two best animal friends did from there — it could be anything from solving mysteries to just enjoying a romantic night together.

We'll never know, but at least we have video proof of this unlikely partnership (below): for Jeremy Scott's fashion show, don't you think?? On Thursday, Miz Hadid hit the runway during New York Fashion Week for his Fall 2018 showing.

The marriage between Knicks point guard Raymond Felton and his beautiful wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton, crumbled less than 19 months after they wed — and hip-hop star Fabolous apparently knew there...